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Tabata Mayumi's photo

Tabata Mayumi

Associate Professor

Organizational Sociology, Industrial Sociology, Economic Sociology, Political Economy, East Asian Capitalism, Globalization and Development, Japanese Economy and Society

Ph.D. in Sociology, National Taiwan University
February 2017- Associate Professor, Department of Sociology,
National Taipei University (Taiwan)
August 2012- January 2017 Associate Professor, Department of
Sociology, Master Program of Sociology, National
Dong Hwa University (Taiwan)
August 2008- July2012 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
and Public Affairs, Master Program of Sociology,
National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan)
Februaly 2008–July2008 Assistant Professor, Department of Social
Development, National Hualien University of Education
June 2007– January 2008 Postdoctral Research Fellow, Institute of
Sociology, Academia Sinica(Taiwan).

Biographical Sketch
Mayumi Tabata is a Japanese sociologist based in Taiwan. She was born and brought up in Tokyo and moved to Taiwan in 1995 after completing graduate school in economics in Japan. She entered the graduate school of sociology of National Taiwan University and received her PhD in 2007. She is currently conducting research in the department of sociology of National Taipei University in Taiwan. Her main research interests are the comparative study of capitalism and industrial development mechanism between Taiwan and Japan, global talent mobility and regional development, the role of staffing agencies in the growth of East Asian high-tech industry, the impact of Sunflower Student Movement on the development of social enterprise.
Journal Articles
Mayumi, Tabata, 2016, “The Collapse of Japanese Companyist Regulation and Survival of the Upstream Industry: Developing East Asian Production Linkage” Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, Vol.13, Iss:1:Springer.

Mayumi, Tabata, 2015, “Risk and Mobility: A Case Study of the Thin-Film Transistor Liquid-Crystal Display Industry in East Asia” East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal (EASTS), Vol.9,No2:Duke University Press. pp. 151-166.

Mayumi, Tabata, 2014, “The Rise of Taiwan in the TFT-LCD Industry” Journal of Technology Management in China, Vol.9,Iss:2, Emerald Group Publishing. pp. 190-205.

Mayumi, Tabata, 2013, “The Behavioral Effects of Technology Diffusion from Japan to Taiwan in TFT-LCD Industry”International Journal of the Academy of Organizational Behavior Management, Issue 5 (April-June 2013)pp. 27-57.

Mayumi, Tabata, 2012, “The Absorption of Japanese Engineers into Taiwan's TFT-LCD Industry: Globalization and Transnational Talent Diffusion”Asian Survey Vol. 52, No. 3 (May/June 2012), pp. 571-594, University of California, Berkeley. Institute of International Studies, University of California Press.

Mayumi, Tabata, 2008, “Social Networks and Culture Gaps in IC Industry Collaboration between Taiwan and Japan” Asia-Pacific Forum, No.39, pp. 230-262, Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, RCHSS, Academia Sinica, Taipei,Taiwan.

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