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Hsin-Yi Yeh's photo

Hsin-Yi Yeh

Assistant Professor

Collective Memory; Nationalism; Cognitive Sociology; Social Identity; Technology and Society; Public Deliberation; Qualitative Research Methods
02-8674-1111 ext 67064 hsinyiy@mail.ntpu.edu.tw Department of Sociology, National Taipei University 151, University Rd., San Shia District, New Taipei City, 23741 Taiwan (四)10:00-12:00

Biographical Sketch

Hsin-Yi Yeh is assistant professor of sociology at National Taipei University. She received her Ph.D. degree in sociology from the Rutgers University at New Brunswick. She is interested in collective memory, identity-remembering, political sociology, nationalism, public deliberation, cultural sociology, and cognitive sociology. Her work has been published in journals such as Qualitative Inquiry, Journal of Public Deliberation, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, Food, Culture, and Society, Symbolic Interaction, Nations & Nationalism, Memory Studies, and Mental Health, Religion, and Culture.

Publications (Peer-reviewed journal articles)

2019 “Distributing Money to Commemoration: Collective Memories, Sense of Place, and Participatory Budgeting.” Journal of Public Deliberation. (with Kuo-Ming Lin)

2018 “Towards a Conceptual Framework of Identity-Remembering: The Construction of Identification with Mnemonic Engineering.”Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research.

2018 Disabled People in Public Deliberation: Taking the Participatory Budgeting Project in Sanxia as an Example.” Community Development Journal. (with Yu-Sheng Lin)

2018 “Telling a Shared Past, Present, and Future to Invent Nationality: The Commemorative Narrative of Chinese-ness from 1949 through 1987 in Taiwan.” Memory Studies. DOI: 10.1177/1750698016679219

2017 “Managing Uncertainty by Adopting a Hybrid Way of Knowing Investigating the Mangle-ish Approach of ICU Patients’ Caregivers.” Mental Health, Religion, and Culture 20(8):783-799. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13674676.2017.1411898

2017 “Participatory Budgeting in Taiwan Investigating Participatory Budgeting in Disability Employment Promotion in Sanxia.” Journal of Democracy and Governance 4(1):69-95。(with Yu-Sheng Lin)

2016 “Classification of Edibility and Inedibility: Unveiling the Sociomental Logics beneath Food Habits”, Theory in Action 9(4):22-40. DOI: 10.3798/tia.1937-2037.16023

2016 “Using an Awakening Narrative to Leave Behind a Former National Identity:An Investigation of the Conversion of National Identity in Taiwan”, Nations & Nationalism22(3): 542-560.

2015 “Maintaining and Strengthening a Shaky Regime with Mnemonic Work: Inventing a Chinese National Day from 1949 through 1987 in Taiwan”, Symbolic Interaction 38(1): 22-41。DOI: 10.1002/symb.136

2014 “Voice with Every Bite: Dietary Identity and Vegetarians’ ‘The-Second-Best’ Boundary Work.” Food, Culture, and Society  (17) 4: 591-613.DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2752/175174414X13948130848502

2014 “A Sacred Bastion? A Nation for Itself? Or an Economic Partner of Rising China? – Three Waves of Nation-Building in Taiwan (1949-
2012)”, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (14)1: 207-228.

2013 “Boundary Objects and Public Deliberation: Analyzing the   Management of Boundary Tensions in the Consensus Conference”, Journal of Public Deliberation: Vol. 9: Iss. 2, Article 5.

2013 “Boundaries, Entities, and Modern Vegetarianism: The Emergence of the First Vegetarian Organization”, Qualitative Inquiry (19) 4: 298-309.

Publications (Others)

2016 “Participatory Budgeting in Communities: The Experimental Projects of Ministry of Culture to Promote Public Deliberation and Participatory Budgeting.” Public Governance Quarterly 4(4):29-40。(with Dung-Shen Chen, Kuo-ming Lin, and Yu-Sheng Lin)

2006 “The Reconsideration of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The Disputes of Surrogate Motherhood and the Voices of Women,” in The Four-Hundred-Year Taiwanese Medical History, 216-221,Taipei:Classic Magazine.

2005 “Reflections on holding the Consensus Conference of Surrogate Motherhood,” in Chen, Dung-Sheng, Lin, Kuo-Ming & Lin, Yu-Sheng (eds.), The Manual of Consensus Conference, 64-68. Taipei: National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan.

Manuscripts under Review

Yeh, Hsin-Yi, “Loves Me or Loves Me Not? Passing through the Forest of Love Symbols and Unveiling Its Social Nature.” (Families, Relationships,and Societies, 1st round review: Major Revision)

Manuscript in progress
Yeh, Hsin-Yi, How Heterogeneous Actors Collaborate? An Ethnographic Investigation of the Promotion of Participatory Budgeting. (with DS Chen and Kuo-ming Lin).

2018 “Citizen Participation and Reasons for Its Rejection- Analysis of Pioneering PB Projects in Taiwan (2015-2017),” IPSA, Brisbane. (Regular Session Paper)

2017 “Distributing Money to Commemoration:Collective Memories, Sense of Place, and Participatory Budgeting,” ESS, Philadelphia. (with Kuo-Ming Lin) (Regular Session Paper)

2017 “Tearing Away the Undesired Label by Creating/Stigmatizing a “Strawman” Category: Revealing the Complexity and Unexpected Consequences of Boundary Work,” ESS, Philadelphia. (with Guan-Yi Dong) (Regular Session Paper)

2015 “Awakening Narrative in the Oral Histories of Taiwanese Nationalists: Crossing the Boundary Line between National Identifications,” ESS, New York. (Regular Session Paper)

2015 “The Hybridization of Scientific/Religious Knowledge/Belief in Coping with Sickness: The Mangle of ICU’s Patients’ Family Members,” ESS, New York. (Regular Session Paper)

2013 “Producing a Chinese Nationality: Analyzing the Observance of National Celebration Day In Taiwan from 1949 through 1987,” ASA Annual Meeting, New York.

2013 “Boundary Objects and Public Deliberation: Analyzing the Management of Boundary Tensions in Consensus Conference,” ASA Annual Meeting,New York.

2013 “A Sacred Bastion? A Nation for Itself? Or an Economic Partner of Rising China? – Three Waves of Nation-Building in Taiwan (1949-2012),” ESS, Boston. (Regular Session Paper).

2012 “Voice with Every Bite: Dietary Identity and Vegetarians’ Differential Boundary Work,” ASA Annual Meeting, Denver.

2010 “Bridging a Five-Thousand-Year Chinese National History,” ASA Annual Meeting, Atlanta.

2009 “The Ambivalent Technological Experience: Ultrasound in Pregnancy,” ASA Annual Meeting, San Francisco.